Steering Committee Past and Present

Kaci Elder (Current)

Kaci Elder believes community radio is a conduit for un-acknowledged voices. A working-class girl and first-generation college graduate, Kaci knows what it’s like to be diminished by the powerful, and she’s spending her life learning to speak up and helping others do so, too. Her yesterday and today identities could be called teacher, reporter, traveler, theatre geek, math-maker, parent, and writer. She lives with her funky family at the edge of the Kalmiopsis Wilderness in the off-off-grid Hobbit House.

Benjamin Cooper (Past)

Benjamin Cooper supported KXCJ-LP efforts through computer set-up and as a web content manager. He is interested in gardening, small farm efforts and crafts. He enjoys treks in the forest.

Caroline Griffith (Past)

Caroline Griffith comes from the Plains and is very happy to now live in a land filled with trees. She has gone to college a time or two, and maybe, someday, she'll go again, but she has never been a professional anything. She gets really excited about people working together to create change. An avid cyclist, Caroline was often seen riding her bicycle to the library.

Carolyn Taormina (Present)

Carolyn Taormina believes that community radio fosters culture, education, and public service. Carolyn coordinates fundraisers for KXCJ and is writing governance policy for the station.

Daniel Dalegowski (Past)

Daniel Dalegowski grew up in O'Brien, Oregon. He attended Portland State University where he obtained a bachelors of science in history with an emphasis in Oregon environmental history. He operates a small business in Cave Junction developing apps and providing web and technical support to the community. He volunteers on the Cave Junction City Council, Illinois Valley Watershed Council, and of course the KXCJ-LP Steering Committee.

Dave Maize (Past)

is a retiree who brings over 30 years of experience in woodworking, building, small-scale farming, salvage logging, milling, alternative energy and collective living. He is working on construction and maintenance of the radio station, as well as fundraising.

Keeeth Withriees (Present)

Keeeth Withriees has been involved in community-based radio as an organizer, program producer, on-air host and manager since the late 80s. He has extensive experience as a co-organizer of a wide variety of projects and events, including the Illinois Valley Bikespace and the annual Otis Memorial Bike Ride. Keeeth serves as the unpaid Station Manager of KXCJ.

Kellyn Gross (Past)

Kellyn Gross is a native Montanan, but she's called every state and province in Cascadia home at one time or another. She's mostly lived in Oregon since 2001, with a recent long stint living and traveling extensively in Asia. While living abroad, she plugged into citizen journalism groups and local social justice movements when possible. Her passion for community radio was sparked years ago volunteering at KBOO in Portland. She's happy to now be a part of the effort to bring KXCJ to the Illinois Valley.

Steve Orr (Present)

Steve Orr is a heavy dude who has very lovely and tasty goats. More info about him to come...

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