House Rules

The following are some basic house rules that have been developed to facilitate our community’s ability to work together. The House Rules apply to all people at KXCJ-LP, whether volunteer, staff or guest. The rules are rooted in respect for self, each other and the organization as a whole.

1.) Communicate your needs clearly and directly

Do you have questions about decision making, process, trainings, or suggestions for making the station work better? Talk to the Station Manager.

2.) Talk directly with someone who has offended you

Often times people can communicate hurtful things without thinking about the emotional effect it can have on others—sometimes what is perceived is not what is intended. We encourage direct communication to take care of misunderstandings at an early stage. If this doesn’t work, talk with the Station Manager who might be able to provide support regarding conflict de-escalation and resolution. The Station Manager is a resource for volunteers in mediating differences.

3.) Be tolerant and respectful

KXCJ-LP is a community of many races, political philosophies, sexual orientations, lifestyles and physical abilities. Tolerance, respect, appreciation of difference, and good humor are essential. This is an important and exciting project! We are a team working toward shared goals, not a mob of individuals competing against each other.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of behavior that is not allowed on KXCJ-LP's air or anywhere on station property:

  • Yelling/shouting (that is heard outside of room).
  • Hurtful words (racial or gender based epithets—name-calling).
  • Threatening language (alluding to retaliatory action, intimidation or threat of physical violence).
  • Being personally disparaging to an individual or group while in the building.
  • Use of any weapon or threat of such use directed at any other volunteer and/or staff member (this behavior will result in immediate termination from KXCJ-LP).
  • Physical aggression, intimidation or angrily “getting in someone’s space”.

4.) Take care of the equipment

Remember that you are responsible for all equipment that you use. If you damage or lose equipment, you must compensate the station. You will need to meet with the Station Manager and work out a compensation plan. Failure to do so may result in suspension or termination of KXCJ-LP activities.

5.) Enforce the station access policy

It is up to everyone at KXCJ-LP to observe the access policy. After 5 PM weekdays and on weekends you must be on the access list to enter KXCJ-LP. To be on the access list you must notify the staff or volunteer person responsible about the reason and time that you need to be at the station. Understand that you are responsible for any guest that you bring with you, and that the guest should be with you at all times. Violating this policy will require a meeting with the Station Manager and may result in your own access being restricted.

6.) Theft or willful destruction of KXCJ-LP property

This behavior will not be tolerated and will result in termination and exclusion from KXCJ-LP, as well as possible prosecution and compulsory compensation.

7.) Taking care of our community is EVERYBODY’S business!

Every volunteer, board member and staff member is empowered and encouraged to act immediately to de-escalate volatile situations.

Additionally, KXCJ-LP staff have the responsibility to ask a person engaging in inappropriate behavior to leave the building for a “cool-down” period. Before returning to normal duties, a meeting with the Station Manager, along with any appropriate supervisor, may be necessary to discuss needed resolution.

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