Radio, Radio!

Greetings and salutations, radio fans! 

I hope everyone continues to enjoy both our local and syndicated programs. We've got a few new local DJ's joining the roster this summer, so keep it locked at 105.7 FM for some new and exciting shows coming in June and July!

I've gotten some good feedback on "The Farm Show" - our original radio drama / farm info show project starring Lindsey B, Farmer G and the I.V. Riverstars! 

New episodes air EVERY TUESDAY @ 7:00pm on KXCJ-LP!     And! Episodes are archived on the website...for now! Have a listen.

Every Monday from 6pm - 8pm is "KEEP IT LOCAL" with Caveman and he's finally scheduling some live bands to come play on the air!

We're always looking for more volunteers AND local Underwriters. If you have or know of a local business who would like to Underwrite KXCJ-LP, please tell them to contact us.

Our final I.V.CanDonate recyclables donation date is Saturday, June 12th!

So if you're enjoying our programming, especially "The Farm Show", bring us your recyclables! Behind the Chevron! 

Also, we've been tabling at the Cave Junction Farmers' Market on Fridays. Come check out all the community has to offer. There's pickles, cookies, eggs, artwork, cotton candy, a flash-mob dance, friendly faces and more! 

If you find yourself enjoying what KXCJ-LP has to offer, please consider donating to the station! We're hoping to offer memberships in the future.

That's all for now! 

xo - phillip

Oh, How I wish that It Would Rain! (April Showers...?)

Greetings interwebbers and happy Spring-time to ye.

There are many KXCJ-LP offical announcements to be made - so read carefully! 

This Saturday, April 24th from 10am - 2pm is KXCJ-LPs IVCanDonate Date!

Bring us your recyclables to the Donation station behind the Chevron! KXCJ-LP and Riverstars teamed up to bring you a brand new, 15 - episode radio show - "The Farm Show!" Your can donations helps us raise money to continue creating local radio magic for the I.V.

Speaking of which...

"The Farm Show" - our new original radio show staring The I.V. Riverstars premiered on Tuesday 4/13. It's just 1 of 15 awesome episodes we'll be splicing together for the next 14 weeks! Check it out, every Tuesday at 7pm, after Valley News and Views! 

KXCJ-LP will be at the Farmer's Market every other Friday! 

Come see what all the fuss is about! The Cave Junction Farmer's Market is lit af this year! There was a flash-mob-dance, hot tamales, sauce, plants, teas, live music, a silent auction...and every other Friday (not this Friday (4/23), but the NEXT Friday 4/30)...KXCJ-LP will be set up right in the center with t-shirts, info, forms, stickers and a sound-byt-booth for radio shout-outs!


The Illinois Valley Community Development Organization or the IVCDO graciously awarded KXCJ-LP a community award for Organization of the Year! Thanks to all our awesome volunteers, listeners and supporters! 

Let's keep rockin' and rollin' y'all!

<3 p

The Equinox Approaches... O))))))

Hello and Howdy to all of you out there in Radio-land! 

First off, I'd like to thank anyone and everyone who brought cans to IVCanDonate this past Saturday! Your mess is our success!
Special thanks to Owen and our awesome KXCJ-LP volunteers for sorting through sticky trash for 4 hours. All in all, a fun and productive way to spend a Saturday.

Our next IV-Can-Donate date is Saturday, April 24th 10am-2pm. So save those cans!!

I'm also super excited to announce that our first recording session with The IV Riverstars went swimmingly and I had a blast working with them. These young thespians truly rocked my world. Such talent, such commitment to the craft. This new radio drama entitled "Dirty Granny" will air as part of our new radio show called simply "THE FARM SHOW"! Hosted by Lindsey B. and Farmer G. We're slated to air the show in mid-late April - so we've got quite a bit of work ahead of us! I'm so grateful to be collaborating with such fun, creative folks. This show encompasses so much of what I think is truly important for our community to learn about ...and that's plants! Farmer G brings the garden knowledge to the airwaves with how-to-methods, tricks, tips and stories about all things that grow. You'll laugh, you'll cry and you will most definitely learn something. "The Farm Show" will likely air on Tuesdays at 7pm on 105.7 FM!

We're looking to get a new website up and running, so if you know anyone who can manage a website, please contact me at

That's all for now, folks! Stay tuned, stay classy and let thy cup runneth over.

Love always,


Is it Spring Yet?

Greetings out there in radio land!

Some news tidbits for all of you -

KXCJ is teaming up with IVCanDonate and we're looking for volunteers to sort cans for us and help raise some money for the station.

We need 3 volunteers for each of our Saturday dates -

March 6th, April 24th, May 15th, or June 12th - - - 10am - 2pm 

Please contact me at the station or email me if you'd like to volunteer with us!     541-592-4112    or

Are you interested in local news, politics and general goings-on? Tune into KXCJ (LP) Tuesday's from 6-7pm for Valley News and Views. You can send questions or topic suggestions to!

Do you have a local business? We're creating fun underwriting messages featuring our lovely DJ voices, background music, sound effects and more! We're searchin' through CJ and the greater IV for local Underwriters.

From "Smokin' Bluegrass" to "Jazz Expansion" - from "Mother Earth Connections" to "Melting Space Dreams" ...KXCJ (LP) is pumping out quality tunes, words, sounds and discussions to get you through this winter.

Stay warm! Stay Classy!

<3 p

Little bit of snow & Massive Power Outages!

I hope everyone is staying nice and warm out there in radio land!

Whether you're hunkering down next to the fire or stumbling around with your phone light, I know all of you are keeping your spirits high and helping one another.

I'm typing this blog update between blackouts. Our backup generator is working, however, the generator at the tower is waiting to be wired. So we did experience some dead air today.

We're grateful to everyone who helped install our backup system here at KXCJ LP. Our community is growing more resilient with everything that gets thrown at us and the same can be said about our little radio station.

We're premiering a new musical/montage show on Monday. "Saffron Walls with Selector Shu" airs from 2-4pm! Check it out!

There's a snow storm of fresh, creative content coming soon to help us all coast through this dark winter. Radio dramas, stories, a choose-your-own-advernture game show perhaps?

Thanks for staying tuned and thanks for your patience as we build up our infrastructure! Your ongoing support is always appreciated.

Get cozy next to that radio.



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