Two years on-air: our first monthly donor, and now we're streaming!

Hey Radio People!

It's been quite some time since i sent out an Update-- my apologies, and please know i haven't forgottenabout any of you-- even if i don't run into ya at the grocery store or bank or post office or Coffee Heaven, on my way to the station!
Our last big fundraiser party (back in September!) was another success: we raised $2,470 (net) to cover the day-to-day expenses of running the station-- quite a vote of confidence and appreciation in this project, and a big THANK YOU to all of our fans and supporters! And our supporters nowadays include 12 business underwriters (seven of which have renewed their six-month contracts!) and folks like Tim W, who is our first monthly listener supporter!
Of course, who is there for KXCJ, week after week, is the crew of nearly 30 Volunteers and DJs who get the un-glamorous work done, along with the glamorous time spent in front of the mic. Six or eight DJs do a lotta work around the station-- above and beyond hosting a show every week-- and then there is Eva on the website, and Twisty writing code and trouble-shooting computers, constantly handling the tech side of things....
Speaking of, here's some big news... especially for folks living out in our valley's nooks n' crannies, and for those of you who live far away from the Illinois Valley-- we are now live-streaming to the rest of Planet Earth on the internet! Yup, you can go to and hit the LISTEN NOW button in the lower left corner of any page.

And please let us know how it works, we're still fine-tuning it-- because this is a free, 'home-brew' solution that Twisty built for us! Some folks with older or un-configured machines may experience a 'two-step' process, where you'll have to choose (or download) a media player first, before you can start listening to what's happening here in the Illinois Valley.

Another big step we'll be taking this coming year is to set up an independent, non-profit corporation so we can correctly and officially accept the transfer of our FCC Broadcast License from our 'parent ' non-profit, Spiral Living Center, to something like "Illinois River Valley Community Radio"-- or maybe we'll come up with a name that has a snappier acronym! (Send in your snappy suggestions now!) We'll be writing our by-laws and recruiting a Board of Directors and filling out paperwork so that we'll be able to transfer the broadcast license to our new non-profit corporation sometime in the first quarter of 2020, after three years on the air! If you, or someone you know, has experience with doing this important work, please get in touch-- especially if you can do some or all of it pro bono, as lawyers say.
We are finally getting our first big rains of the season, bringing, at last, an end to a seemingly endless fire season... so a big sigh of relief, and my thoughts are with so many other communities who experienced-- and are working through-- such horrifying and catastrophic losses!
We are also busy writing two grant proposals that we hope will fund the purchase and installation of KXCJ's back-up generator and related equipment (our thanks go to Chris!), so we will be ready next year and next fire season to help keep the people of our valley safer and better informed.
Last thing: as 2019 fast approaches, please consider making a year-end tax-deductible donation to ensure that KXCJ continues to thrive and be a vital part of our special little corner of the world! Visit the Donate page on our website, or write a check to KXCJ-LP, PO Box 2518, Cave Junction, OR 97523. Every $5 or $10 helps, and $50 or $100 would add to our shoestring budget in a big way!

My thanks to all of you who are standing with us!



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