We bought our new console!

Just a note to let everybody know that we bought our new board (Arrakis ARC-15, if you wanna look it up) and it'll be delivered this week! Then Chris, Twisty and i will read up on the manual, make sure we have all the bits n' bobs we need, and do the switcheroo while the music shuffle and syndicated programs play out some afternoon, soon!

This board is of much better quality than our current one, and will hopefully last for years and years to come. It was quite a stretch and a challenge for us (it cost $3,450) but we needed to take action-- we've had increasing problems for months with the board we're using now.

Here's the important part: once we made this tough decision, and we decided to raise all the money for it up front and not deplete our bank account-- we did it all in three weeks, through donations large and small, from our friends, from listeners, from DJs, and from "Scout's fairy godmother", who donated $1000 toward its purchase, in honor of Scout and her love for KXCJ.

My thanks to all of you! We all make and re-make KXCJ together, every day-- and it's wonderful to know KXCJ is loved and supported by a large community of folks, throughout our valley, and beyond.


Tune in this Friday, Aug 23rd, 6-8pm, for "50th Anniversary of Woodstock" documentary!

This Friday, Aug 23rd, from 6 to 8pm, KXCJ will air a two-hour documentary about the Woodstock Festival that unfolded over four days in August, 1969....

Woodstock organizers, musicians and audience members recall the music
festival that rocked the world in more ways than one! Music and memories
from the historic event include interviews with Woodstock organizers
Michael Lang, Joel Rosenman, and the late John Roberts, artists Richie
Havens, Roger Daltrey and Joe Cocker, and audience members Ron Petras,
Vivian Goodman and Danny Diamond. Music performances from many of the
artists are also featured: Jefferson Airplane, Creedence Clearwater Revival,
Joe Cocker, CSNY, The Who, Arlo Guthrie, Joan Baez and many more!



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