KXCJ's 3rd B-day, and our first-ever on-air fundraising party!

It's our 3rd Birthday coming up in December, and we'll be celebrating-- just a bit early!

Check it out: we're having our first-ever on-air fundraising party this Saturday, Nov. 30, from 9am to 7pm! You can hear all your favorite DJs in one day, because-- just this one day-- we've re-arranged the schedule into one-hour slots, one after the other. And we're gonna make it an Open House at KXCJ, so stop by the station to chat with DJs, and enjoy some snacks and drinks on us. We'll be putting callers and visitors on the air so you can tell the world what you luuuv about KXCJ!

In our three years on the air so far, we've never tried this-- so we're gonna give it a whirl, KXCJ-style! All of us together will make it a fun time, i'm sure.

We now have a part-time Volunteer Staff of ten who do various crucial jobs at KXCJ-- above and beyond the hosting of a show every week-- and then we have Volunteers from the community like Chris, ace grantwriter, sound engineer and equipment installer, Eva, taking care of the website, and Twisty writing code and trouble-shooting computers. These folks are constantly handling things behind the scenes!

We are forming our first Board of Directors, and writing our by-laws so we can file the federal and state paperwork to be the new kid on the non-profit block.

Everything we'd like to accomplish in 2020 is really only limited by the people power we can gather now!

So, as our fourth year approaches, we're asking all of you to join the party on Saturday, and join our big push forward in any way you can: volunteer at our office, or become a DJ, or-- pleeeez!-- give us a brand-new vacuum to replace the tired old one we have now, or buy a KXCJ t-shirt and wear it proudly (we have new colors, in all sizes!), or just chip in a few bucks toward our bills next month!

Together, we can make sure that KXCJ continues to thrive and remains a vital part of this beautiful little corner of the world.

Visit the Donate page to make a secure donation via PayPal, or write a check to KXCJ-LP, PO Box 2518, Cave Junction, OR 97523, or if you're in the neighborhood this Saturday, Nov. 30, just stop by our office/studio at 315 D Caves Highway and drop a fiver in our donation can, if you can.

I'll see y'all there!




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