Last Saturday's on-air party was fun *and* a big success!

Howdy Community Radio People!
I'm pleased, i'm grateful, and i'm proud of *all* of us: DJs, behind-the-scenes Volunteers, our friends and fans, our Underwriters-- all of us-- made it easy and FUN to raise the funds we need to keep KXCJ running strong into 2020... in fact, during those ten hours of our first-ever, all-in-one-day, live-on-air fundraising party, we gathered more than one-third of the money we'll need to get us through all of next year!
Yes. That's right. It's an impressive statement in two ways: 1) we raised more than a third of our annual budget in less than one day, and 2) we can run a community-powered, all-volunteer radio station for about $12,000 a year.
Here's the play-by-play as described by Nellie:
The Obrien Gal kicked things off bright and early at 9am
Mij Notae was joined by Carla G-- we miss hearing you on the air, by the way, Carla! Thanks for the silliness and witty banter.
Tim and Suzanne brought some beautiful live music and prayer-- thank you for that!
Iris and The Trainmaster teamed up to bring a great mix of music and thoughts about why KXCJ matters
Next we had Jess Kidden and Sam--and Sam was glad to not have to do any of the talking!
Cepheid Thidwick swept in and set up in record time, cuz she's a professional! You are too cool, Ms C!
DJ Odd-io made the trek from his home in Gold Beach to do an all-45rpm-single show--lots of flipping on those turntables! His first live show in the KXCJ airroom!
Then I took my turn--geez that hour went by quickly! (Nellie spun LatinX hits from all decades and two continents! And she also organized this whole thing!--K)
Then came a trifecta of our heaviest shows crammed into just two hours. Cave Rock, Border Distortion, and North Jefferson Revolt brought up the energy and then wrapped things up by 7pm, sharp.
Thanks DJs Whiplash and Algorhythm, and Hannah for closing out this very successful fundraiser! A special thanks to Tyler for swooping in for a brief appearance!
Together we raised $4200, plus $500 from T-shirts, stickers, and radios for a total of $4700!!
We had visits by two underwriters, Scott from Taylor's, and Wild Bill himself, plus a phone call from Joy of Diggin' Livin.'
There were also visits by many community members and supporters, including Waves, Blind Don and his helper-pup Dino, Judy and Charmae, Katherine, Roberta and her daughters, Tombstone, The Dwyers, Jocelyn, Travis, Golfcourse Gary, Carolyn and David....
Thanks to Birdie and Kimo for organizing the T-shirt display, well done!
Once again, thank you! I am overwhelmed by the generosity of each of you-- our supporters, our listeners, our friends! I say this a lot, but it is a fact--we cannot do this without you.



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