"Wyrd World" will make its world-wide re-premiere this Sun, Feb 2nd, 10pm to midnight!

Wylden, host of "Wyrd World" took a break to re-think and re-vamp the show, and he's back with a bang!

He'll be joined by his son, Finn, and they'll be interviewing Marcus R. McCoy, who is the force behind House of Orpheus, an occult perfumery, and Troll Cunning Forge.

According to Marcus: "Troll Cunning Forge works from the principles of traditional blacksmithing lore, folk magic and real alchemy. I'm a trained alchemist working under the tutelage of Master Alchemist Robert Bartlett."

It promises to be a fascinating show-- check it out! "Wyrd World" is on the air every Sunday, 10pm-midnight.



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