This week on KXCJ's "Valley News and Views": get answers to your questions about the pandemic

This Tuesday, March 31, from 6 to 7 p.m. on our own "Valley News & Views", we'll be interviewing representatives from Josephine County Public Health, with us to talk about the coronavirus outbreak in Josephine County.

Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is here in our county. You'll hear the most up-to-date information from our local health officials about the outbreak and the response. Knowing how to protect ourselves and our community (and practicing that knowledge) is of utmost importance to minimizing this contagious and deadly infection's spread.

Do you have any comments or questions about COVID-19 in Josephine County? Email us beforehand or during the show at:
We will not be taking phone calls, as our guests will be joining us via the station's phone line.

"Valley News & Views" is your local, weekly public affairs program, featuring interviews with local government agencies and local nonprofits. It airs every Tuesday from 6-7 p.m.

A new world....

Well-- the world has certainly changed in the last few weeks....

Just this past Monday morning, Gov. Kate Brown followed the lead of California and some other states, setting new public health and safety policy in an Exec Order that you are probably familiar with by now, but you can read all about it in more detail here, if you'd like.

In KXCJ-specific news, we have handed out individual windscreens to each DJ and there are boxes of nitrile gloves on the counter coming in for each DJ to use, and we have only one or two of us in the airroom at a time. We have our sanitizing protocol in place for during and after every airshift.

For the time being, we won't be having any community members or guests in the station-- however, more live phone interviews, and having our listeners join us on the air are definitely encouraged!

Twisty, Eva, and I are working on having a link up front on our homepage that'll take folks to a resources page where we'll put the most pertinent and up-to-date info about COVID-19 and related topics, all in one place for community members.

A few of us are also figuring out-- along with everybody else, these days!-- how best to do remote Board, Staff, and general KXCJ meetings.

We are having to spend more money right now, we might, sadly, have fewer Underwriters soon, and we can't do the public events we usually do to bring folks into KXCJ and to raise the money we need to sustain this all-volunteer, community-strengthening adventure! DJ and listener contributions-- whether helping with projects around the station, or helping to pay the bills-- have always been very important to KXCJ's stability and success, and i also know that some DJs and community members have had their paying jobs disappear. We are coming into a tough time for KXCJ, as well as a tough time for many of us personally, for our friends, and local businesses. We will all need help getting through this.

I'm really proud of everybody doing whatever they can for KXCJ now, and through the coming months. This includes the wise decision by any of us to stay at home, if that's what we decide is the prudent thing to do. Likewise, for those of us who are continuing our broadcasts, and subbing for others, we will do so always taking the best possible care of each other and the space.

Lastly, being clear-eyed here: if one of us still working at the station does come down with C-19, we will need to close the station to everyone for several days.

But it's not all gloomy-- no! We've got new DJs getting trained up and coming aboard, we've freshened up our KXCJ music mix that runs when we don't have a regular program airing, and we are adding new syndicated programs to fill out our schedule-- give us a fresh listen if you haven't lately!

A deep thank you to everyone who's been working extra hard, here and everywhere-- and let's keep taking care of each other!


KXCJ and Cave Junction Farmers' Market 6th Annual Chili Cook-Off POSTPONED!

Hi there, Radio People!

Late-breaking news here from our partner, the Cave Junction Farmers' Market-- the CJFM Board of Directors, after much discussion and deliberation, has decided to postpone our big joint fundraiser, the 6th Annual Chili Cook-Off (set for this Friday March 13th), in light of the ongoing public health concerns regarding large public events, and this morning's order from Oregon Governor Kate Brown that all public gatherings over 250 people must be canceled for the next four weeks, throughout the state.

I apologize for the last-minuteness of this announcement, but it is the world we are living in, suddenly.

We certainly hope to re-schedule this very popular community festival at a better time in the near future, and i'm very grateful to everyone who put so much effort and love into planning and staging this event!

Let's take good care of each other!




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