Passing the torch... new leadership for KXCJ

Dear Listeners and Supporters!

Over this past weekend, the KXCJ Board made its selection for our new Station Manager: Phillip!

Phillip is relocating to Cave Junction from Olympia, bringing his background in live performance, theatre tech, and video production to KXCJ. He has spent time in the Valley over the past five years and we're excited to welcome him here full-time as our new Station Manager.

We have raised $14,771--while we're not quite all the way to our goal, we're confident we can get there. Hiring Phillip this week means I can do some training with him before Nellie and I leave for California next week!

I'll always be grateful and have warm fuzzies in my heart whenever I reflect on how all of us gave a whole lot to create something amazing, beautiful, surprising, and important for the communities of the Illinois Valley. We did it, and I hope y'all continue to do it-- to make KXCJ grow, bigger and deeper, to bring richness and complexity to your own lives *and* to the lives of all the folks here in the IV!

Thanks to all of you for donating and sharing and helping KXCJ grow!


Slater Fire winds down, and KXCJ keeps going!

On September 8, the Slater Fire roared into the mountains near Takilma, Obrien, and Cave Junction and quickly grew to over 150,000 acres. Some of our board members and DJs had to evacuate and leave their homes behind them in the smoke and advancing flames. All of us have been dealing with air that is actually hazardous to breathe, day after day.

We turned all our attention and energy to supporting our communities during this emergency with hourly updates of accurate, fact-checked information and broadcasting fire news and resources to help people stay safe and connected. We are grateful and proud to be of service to our community during this emergency.

With the good rain today, we can all breathe deeply! As i talked with fire agency staff and firefighters on a daily basis over the last weeks, i had a glimpse of all the work they had before them, day and night, all the angles they had to cover, and i'm grateful for their perseverance, courage, and expertise.

There is still dangerous work that they're out there doing every day, and there will be plenty of restoration work to come for all of us, but we're past the worst of it!

Now, we return our attention and energy to ensuring that KXCJ will continue to be here in the years ahead!

We are in the last week of our campaign to raise a salary for the *next* Station Manager here at KXCJ, as my sweetie Nellie and i prepare to leave to begin full-time care for my folks. As KXCJ has grown, it has become clear it requires a dedicated-- and paid-- leadership to make sure it continues to thrive!

If you enjoy having our very own community-powered radio station-- and you haven't yet chipped in-- please contribute now to our campaign, and please reach out to your friends, neighbors, workmates, and family members and let them know how important KXCJ is to you, and how they can get involved, too!

Thanks so much to all of you-- whether i've met you face-to-face along the way or not-- and let me say that co-founding and co-leading this radio

station with many of you for its first seven years has been an adventure and an honor i'll never forget.

♥ Keeeth

We're looking for our next Station Manager!

KXCJ-LP Station Manager job description:

The Station Manager is responsible for training and oversight of all KXCJ Volunteers, inside and outside the station. The Stn Mgr currently fills the role of Station Engineer, working closely with the IT Coordinator and consults with and, if necessary, hires outside broadcast engineering contractors when problems are insoluble with existing in-house resources/knowledge. The Stn Mgr mediates disputes between Volunteers, DJs and/or Staff, and enforces FCC regulations and KXCJ policies.

The Stn Mgr (with the help of other Staff and DJs) trouble-shoots, fixes/replaces office and airroom equipment. The Stn Mgr represents or delegates the representation of KXCJ to other organizations, government agencies, and the broader community, at meetings and events. The Stn Mgr answers general queries to KXCJ, corresponds with other stations and organizations, and with the help of others, evaluates all program proposals KXCJ receives, cultivates new donors and thanks all current donors.

When necessary, the Stn Mgr issues new station policies and modifies or rescinds existing policies. With the assistance and oversight of the KXCJ Board of Directors, the Stn Mgr is responsible for compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal law, and especially, all applicable IRS, FEC, and FCC regulations and requirements.

The Stn Mgr coordinates regular airshift coverage and pre-emption of regular programming, should strive to keep regular office hours at the station on several days through the week, and attends all KXCJ Board meetings, as a non-voting member.

All finalist applicants will already reside in the Illinois Valley or move to the Illinois Valley upon assuming the position.

Our hiring process:

Please write a letter that lays out your applicable work history and skills-- whether paid or unpaid-- that address the job description, above. You do not need to have radio station work history, though that is a plus. You may include a resumé. Please include your home address and your phone number.

E-mail it to: '' with 'Station Manager Application' in the subject line. The deadline for applications is October 20, 2020.

A Boardmember will contact you and schedule an initial screening interview by phone. After this step is completed, all finalist applicants will be invited to a face-to-face interview with the full Board of Directors.


This is a full time position, and the hours per week will be responsive to the station's needs week to week, as agreed upon by the Station Manager and the Board of Directors. The Station Manager will work in the range of 30 hours a week at $13.75 per hour, or expressed as a monthly salary, paid $1,650 per month.



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