Huddled Around the Radio

Hey y'all, happy Wednesday to ya!

Another week has flown by here at KXCJ. Our Radio Drama went off with out a hitch and the Spiral Living Center's 12th Annual Local Foods Dinner was a huge success!

Thank you so much to all our incredible volunteers at KXCJ, who stepped up in a creative whirlwind to produce a Radio Drama in a weeks time! I've gotten quite a bit of positive feedback from listeners AND I heard the SLC food was spot on. I'm hoping to help organize more projects like this in the bone-chilling months to come.


KXCJ is looking for more local music to play during the DJs' various weekly shows. If you and/or your band have recordings you want played on the air, send them to, or go ahead and drop a CD off at the station.

We're also accepting show proposals in an ongoing effort to pack our schedule with as many live, local DJ shifts as covid restrictions allow.

Fill out a show proposal form on our website! -

I'm very grateful to our entire team, especially the board members here at KXCJ for their insight, patience and support.

Stay Tuned! There are some really fun things coming down the pike!

<3 Phillip

"Bread for all...and roses, too." 

It's cold! Get inside. Tune into 105.7!

Happy Tuesday IV!

On behalf of all of us here at the station, thank you all so much for your ongoing support of local radio!

KXCJ is super excited to be airing a radio play THIS SATURDAY November 14th from 7-9 pm as part of Spiral Living Center's 12th Annual Local Foods Dinner!

Join us for SLC's biggest fundraiser of the year -  a one-of-a-kind event featuring local food, a virtual auction, and entertainment!

It's been hard to watch so many fun community events squashed by the Coovid scare, but SLC and KXCJ are still makin' magic for the masses.

This is a really special opportunity to PICK UP some multi-course meal boxes from 3-5pm at one of two locations in Takilma or CJ. And while you enjoy your delicious morsels in the comfort of your hopefully warm home, you can tune into KXCJ for the evenings entertainment!

Check out the SLC website for all the info you need. 

The Radio Theater Show is being written, voice acted, edited and produced by our amazing team of volunteers! I'm really looking forward to more locally created content like this permeating the airwaves during these long winter months. Local music, performance art, theater, spoken word, storytelling, hangouts and news - it's all coming your way here on KXCJ - courtesy of local artists! If you don't own a radio, you should pick one up. Power, battery, or even hand-crank radios are essential for staying informed and keepin' those spirits high. And of course, you can stream us live, right here at

Stay classy and keep it tuned to 105.7!

<3 P

First Week on the Job!

Salutations and happy Tuesday, IV!

It's been one wild whirlwind of a week.

There are so many exciting projects in the works here at KXCJ and I'm feeling ever so lucky to be part of such a vibrant and growing community!

A tiny bit of personal history - I was raised in a church, grew up on stage, studied all aspects of film/video/audio production in college and worked creating content in NYC for nearly 10 years. Eventually, I fell out of love with the advertising world and cultivated a far less lucrative "career" as a D.I.Y. puppeteer/producer based in Olympia. For the past 5 years or so, I've frequented the IV, Merlin and Grants Pass helping friends and family during harvest season. Now, I'm super stoked to finally be moving to Cave Junction and to serve the community as the new station manager at KXCJ!

Local, community radio is a powerful tool, a beautiful creative outlet and an ever-growing necessity. Our culture has become saturated by corporate garbage and its more important than ever to localize, reach out and come together to make magick happen! When it comes to content creation, organizing events, skill sharing, news, music or simply providing that comforting voice over the air waves, KXCJ's got your back. And everything is better when we do it together!

I want to give a special thanks to Keeeth and Nellie, who gave so much time and effort to the station over the years and really set us on the pathway towards growth. You are very much loved and appreciated and you'll certainly be missed! 

And shout out to the KXCJ Board members who make everything we do here possible!

Glad to be part of the team! Love to you all!

<3 Phillip



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