Like a well oiled machine...

What a time to be alive in Radioland!

We've been receiving calls and messages from listeners describing just how much they appreciate our fine-local DJ's and the work they do here at KXCJ (LP). It warms my tiny heart. And it looks like there could be some NEW local shows coming your way in the new year...

I've also received calls from listeners who missed a regular show. I'd ask everyone to bare with me, as I shuffle our schedule around to appease everyone's individual needs in this time. I'm so glad to actually hear from listeners about what they want, because we aim to please.

It's true that even as this dark winter approaches, the gears of our little radio station keep spinning. There are so many outstanding individuals who make this frequency possible. So many machine elves tinkering away to bring you those sweet sounds. So many crucial, thankless tasks all taken up by volunteers.

And a special thanks to our seriously amazing board members!! (Applause)

With the help of volunteers, underwriters, the City of CJ and donations from all over the valley, KXCJ(LP) will be ready to start broadcasting using new STL equipment by the early next month. This means, we'll be on the air - even if the network is down, or the power goes out. So get yourself lil' hand-crank radio!

I'm happy to be part of such a labor of love. This community cares deeply about staying connected and the feeling of togetherness we can experience through radio. Both through listening and creating and sharing content.



Happy December!

Winter time is upon us once again and people all over the IV are tuning in to KXCJ!

We have all sorts of new and fun content coming your way this season, so don't touch that dial.

We also have a few major shift changes this month, so make sure to check out the schedule at so you don't miss your favorite shows.

I'm going to be working with a few of our amazing volunteer DJ's to create a Very Merry Xmas-esk Holiday Radio Special to be aired towards the end of the month. Stay tuned for more details to come.

We're also in talks with the IV's own Riverstars about creating an all-new Radio Drama to line up with the reopening of the farmers' market in the Spring.

Lastly, KXCJ is always looking for new volunteers. Right now, we're in search of someone with programming or code writing skills to be our new tech apprentice. Contact us if you're interested.

Thank you, listeners! Thank you volunteers! 

Stay tuned!





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