Is it Spring Yet?

Greetings out there in radio land!

Some news tidbits for all of you -

KXCJ is teaming up with IVCanDonate and we're looking for volunteers to sort cans for us and help raise some money for the station.

We need 3 volunteers for each of our Saturday dates -

March 6th, April 24th, May 15th, or June 12th - - - 10am - 2pm 

Please contact me at the station or email me if you'd like to volunteer with us!     541-592-4112    or

Are you interested in local news, politics and general goings-on? Tune into KXCJ (LP) Tuesday's from 6-7pm for Valley News and Views. You can send questions or topic suggestions to!

Do you have a local business? We're creating fun underwriting messages featuring our lovely DJ voices, background music, sound effects and more! We're searchin' through CJ and the greater IV for local Underwriters.

From "Smokin' Bluegrass" to "Jazz Expansion" - from "Mother Earth Connections" to "Melting Space Dreams" ...KXCJ (LP) is pumping out quality tunes, words, sounds and discussions to get you through this winter.

Stay warm! Stay Classy!

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