Oh, How I wish that It Would Rain! (April Showers...?)

Greetings interwebbers and happy Spring-time to ye.

There are many KXCJ-LP offical announcements to be made - so read carefully! 

This Saturday, April 24th from 10am - 2pm is KXCJ-LPs IVCanDonate Date!

Bring us your recyclables to the Donation station behind the Chevron! KXCJ-LP and Riverstars teamed up to bring you a brand new, 15 - episode radio show - "The Farm Show!" Your can donations helps us raise money to continue creating local radio magic for the I.V.

Speaking of which...

"The Farm Show" - our new original radio show staring The I.V. Riverstars premiered on Tuesday 4/13. It's just 1 of 15 awesome episodes we'll be splicing together for the next 14 weeks! Check it out, every Tuesday at 7pm, after Valley News and Views! 

KXCJ-LP will be at the Farmer's Market every other Friday! 

Come see what all the fuss is about! The Cave Junction Farmer's Market is lit af this year! There was a flash-mob-dance, hot tamales, sauce, plants, teas, live music, a silent auction...and every other Friday (not this Friday (4/23), but the NEXT Friday 4/30)...KXCJ-LP will be set up right in the center with t-shirts, info, forms, stickers and a sound-byt-booth for radio shout-outs!


The Illinois Valley Community Development Organization or the IVCDO graciously awarded KXCJ-LP a community award for Organization of the Year! Thanks to all our awesome volunteers, listeners and supporters! 

Let's keep rockin' and rollin' y'all!

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