KXCJ-LP Wants You!!

Hey there Radio People!!

The final episode of "The Farm Show!" aired this past Tuesday and the entire season will be archived right here on KXCJ.org, by next week. Have a listen! They won't be up there forever.

You can also catch Valley News and Views on the fly on the /archive page! In case you missed it.

I thought I'd post our latest call for volunteers to help with a giant, collaborative radio show project!!

Please contact us with any questions, ideas or suggestions.

Stay Cool!


Greetings and salutations!

KXCJ-LP, your local, community radio station is excited to invite you to be part of our new, original radio show!
THE SHOW: A magical mashup of locally archived stories, music and interviews. Made by the I.V. for the I.V!


We've come up with a list of tentative, episodic themes. We're open to whatever stories you have to tell, however, if your content fits into one or two of these categories, that may help with editing. This list may also help spark ideas for what stories you'd like to tell. Ideally, each storyteller/interviewee will record at least 10 - 15 minutes of usable content.

Legends - History, traditions, local lore

Myths - Extraordinary events, fantastic stories, phenomenon, truth distortion

Prophecy - predictions, social and political trajectory

Visitors - Passing through, outsiders

Weed - Cannabis farming

Disaster! - IV challenges overcome (or not)

Water - Water

Status Quo - Here and now, day in the life

Caves - Caves!

Small Pond - “talent” and “culture” in a small town

Forward - Fear of change, embracing change, technology

Dreams - aspirations, hopes for the future

Scheduling Recording Sessions

Sessions will take place one of three ways -


2. We bring the microphone to you! Your home, or any LOCATION you prefer. (Inside or outside!)

3. We are really hoping to avoid the PHONE, as the quality is horrific, but it can be arranged if the subject insists.

Please respond to this email message with your time/day availability for the next few months. We're doing our best to cater to all of our subjects' needs and preferences.

Example 1: Studio Session, Avail Mondays and Wednesdays from 2-4pm

Example 2: On Location, (address) Avail Fridays after 5pm

We look forward to your session. This is quite the undertaking, but with your help, we can create something special for our community.

Phillip Allison
Station Manager KXCJ 105.7 FM
Illinois Valley Community Radio




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