It's time to get Spo0o0oky~!

Hello out there, Radio People! 

Well, tis the most wonderful time of the year, once again. No, not Christmas. Halloween is just around the corner! Best get to carvin' those pumpkins!!

I recently took a few of the syndicated talk shows off the KXCJ-LP schedule, in an effort to more accurately follow one of the oldest hand-written signs on the wall of the station ...."Less Talk, More Rock!" Truer words were never spoken. You may be surprised to hear more tunes from our playlist in the morning hours.
Psssst! KXCJ-LP is hosting a 12 hour TELETHON next month!!
We'll officially announce the telethon in about a week's time. It's going to be November 20th, 9am - 9pm. FEATURING your favorite KXCJ-LP DJ's, live performances and surprises! We'll be hanging out in the parking lot all day, so plan on stopping by! Tee-shirts, snacks, perhaps even hot cocoa??? Come support your local radio station OR support us by pledging/donating! More info is on the way! Stay tuned.

The Farmer's Market is done for the season, so if you didn't get your new, organic, locally screen-printed KXCJ T-Shirt yet, be sure to send an email to or call the station! (541) 592 - 4112. We have a new batch coming in soon and they'll be gone before you know it! 

ALSO! We are currently collecting stories and interviews from local historians, legends, and the keepers of all the IV's secrets. If you have stories about our valley's history, be sure to send an email to

As always, I highly suggest getting a hand-crank radio for the winter. In the event of a power outage, an internet drop, or both, KXCJ-LP will be ON THE AIR, bringing you music and words to get you through the Dark Winter TM.

Take it easy, IV! Stay warm, now.

(phillip, station manager) 



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