Spring Time in Cave Junction!

Howdy Radio People!

Wow, what a time to be alive and sensitive to spring-time allergies!

I've been away from blog for a month or two, plotting and scheming for this year's KXCJ-LP projects!

Be sure to always check the KXCJ.ORG/SCHEDULE page for updated programming. The next few months may involve major changes, but your favorite shows will likely still be on the schedule, so be sure to keep up!

We recently aired a special interview with Jo-el Palacios of The Sasquatch Woods People. Check it out! 

KXCJ-LP is happy to have a few new radio faces and we await the eventual return of some local legends that have stepped down for the time being.

Be sure to check out our newest local show - CREATURE FROM THE DEEP with your host, DJ Desert Tentacles! Saturday nights 7-10pm! (Starting in April)

Some of you may be missing Melting Space Dreams with DJ Cepheid, or DJ Squirrel's Late Night Album Show. We wish them well during their hiatus from the radio world and hope they gravitate back to the booth at their own pace. Being a KXCJ-LP weekly DJ is a huge commitment and many of our talented volunteers need breaks here and there.

That being said, if you are interested in hosting your own show, please propose a program! 

Finally, KXCJ-LP is currently booking for...

KXCJ-LP's Carnival/Talent-Show Fundraiser Extravaganza! 

Live @ Jubilee Park! Saturday, May 14th 2pm - 10pm!

We need...

1. Acts! (Musicians, magicians, singers, dancers, bands, mimes, clowns, puppeteers, impersonators, comedians, thespians, poets, fashion designers, speech-givers, mic-droppers and whomever else wants to be booked to perform LIVE ON STAGE! Think Carnival meets Talent Show!)

2. Volunteers! 

3. Outdoor Games!

If you're interested in any of the above, please email me at phillip.kxcj@gmail.com

More info is on the way! 

tune in!

-DJ-LP_MGMT (phillip)



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