KXCJ's new Slater Fire Update schedule

Dear Listeners!

As we enter the (probable) slow-slog-to-containment phase of the Slater Fire, with not as much happening for us to report, KXCJ has downgraded our daily reporting schedule from top of every hour, 9am to 8pm (sometimes even later!) to noon, 4pm, and 7pm, starting today, Mon 21 Sept.

If the fire blows up again, we will step up our frequency of reporting, of course.

I want to acknowledge that KXCJ has never received more feedback and thanks from listeners than these past two weeks, since we began doing these updates, starting right the next morning after the fire was first reported!

My deep thanks to all those DJs who have truly gone above and beyond to provide this crucial public safety service to the people of the Illinois Valley!

As we have done since before we even got on the air, we will continue to build good working relationships with local, county and state emergency services, so that we can do the best job we can to provide timely and factual public safety information before, during, and after emergencies of all kinds.

My deep thanks also go out to all of you who have stood by KXCJ through the long process of getting on the air-- now nearly four years ago-- and who are continuing to support this amazing, ever-growing project through our current challenge, as we hire our next Station Manager, who'll lead KXCJ to its full flowering!

My sweetie Nellie and i are sad to leave all our friends and this lovely valley, but we're also happy that we're able to relocate and become full-time caregivers to my parents.

♥ Keeeth

Tune in for the simulcast of Slater Fire Townhall, TONIGHT 5pm!

Dear listeners and supporters!

KXCJ-LP will be simulcasting tonight's inter-agency Slater Fire briefing at 5pm.

You can listen on the air at 105.7FM or at kxcj.org and click on the "Listen Now" button.

KXCJ will continue to air top-of-the hour Slater Fire updates and Community

Resource Info round-ups from 9AM to 8PM daily, as much as we're able,

with the remaining un-evacuated and all-volunteer staff that we have!

We're here for you!


This week on KXCJ's "Valley News and Views": get answers to your questions about the pandemic

This Tuesday, March 31, from 6 to 7 p.m. on our own "Valley News & Views", we'll be interviewing representatives from Josephine County Public Health, with us to talk about the coronavirus outbreak in Josephine County.

Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is here in our county. You'll hear the most up-to-date information from our local health officials about the outbreak and the response. Knowing how to protect ourselves and our community (and practicing that knowledge) is of utmost importance to minimizing this contagious and deadly infection's spread.

Do you have any comments or questions about COVID-19 in Josephine County? Email us beforehand or during the show at: news@kxcj.org.
We will not be taking phone calls, as our guests will be joining us via the station's phone line.

"Valley News & Views" is your local, weekly public affairs program, featuring interviews with local government agencies and local nonprofits. It airs every Tuesday from 6-7 p.m.

"Wyrd World" will make its world-wide re-premiere this Sun, Feb 2nd, 10pm to midnight!

Wylden, host of "Wyrd World" took a break to re-think and re-vamp the show, and he's back with a bang!

He'll be joined by his son, Finn, and they'll be interviewing Marcus R. McCoy, who is the force behind House of Orpheus, an occult perfumery, and Troll Cunning Forge.

According to Marcus: "Troll Cunning Forge works from the principles of traditional blacksmithing lore, folk magic and real alchemy. I'm a trained alchemist working under the tutelage of Master Alchemist Robert Bartlett."

It promises to be a fascinating show-- check it out! "Wyrd World" is on the air every Sunday, 10pm-midnight.

This Tuesday on KXCJ's 'Valley News and Views': vaccinations, kids, and school exclusions

Just a reminder that every Tuesday evening from 6pm-7pm you can listen to Valley News and Views to hear a different public agency leader, elected official, or local non-profit staffer in conversation with a member of the VNV team, talking about the work and priorities of that agency or organization, and answering *your* questions and concerns-- just call in, or send us an e-mail!

This Tuesday, Jan 21st, our guests will be Michael Weber (Director) and Dr. David Candelaria, both from Josephine County Public Health and Dr. Kelley Burnett, Medical Director from AllCare Health. We'll be talking about vaccinations, kids and school exclusions. Please call or e-mail to join this important conversation!

Our studio line is: 592-4112

Our e-mail address for Valley News and Views is: news@KXCJ.org

Tune in every Tuesday, 6pm-7pm, for Valley News and Views... only on KXCJ 105.7FM, and streaming at www.KXCJ.org!



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