KXCJ's new Slater Fire Update schedule

Dear Listeners!

As we enter the (probable) slow-slog-to-containment phase of the Slater Fire, with not as much happening for us to report, KXCJ has downgraded our daily reporting schedule from top of every hour, 9am to 8pm (sometimes even later!) to noon, 4pm, and 7pm, starting today, Mon 21 Sept.

If the fire blows up again, we will step up our frequency of reporting, of course.

I want to acknowledge that KXCJ has never received more feedback and thanks from listeners than these past two weeks, since we began doing these updates, starting right the next morning after the fire was first reported!

My deep thanks to all those DJs who have truly gone above and beyond to provide this crucial public safety service to the people of the Illinois Valley!

As we have done since before we even got on the air, we will continue to build good working relationships with local, county and state emergency services, so that we can do the best job we can to provide timely and factual public safety information before, during, and after emergencies of all kinds.

My deep thanks also go out to all of you who have stood by KXCJ through the long process of getting on the air-- now nearly four years ago-- and who are continuing to support this amazing, ever-growing project through our current challenge, as we hire our next Station Manager, who'll lead KXCJ to its full flowering!

My sweetie Nellie and i are sad to leave all our friends and this lovely valley, but we're also happy that we're able to relocate and become full-time caregivers to my parents.

♥ Keeeth


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