Little bit of snow & Massive Power Outages!

I hope everyone is staying nice and warm out there in radio land!

Whether you're hunkering down next to the fire or stumbling around with your phone light, I know all of you are keeping your spirits high and helping one another.

I'm typing this blog update between blackouts. Our backup generator is working, however, the generator at the tower is waiting to be wired. So we did experience some dead air today.

We're grateful to everyone who helped install our backup system here at KXCJ LP. Our community is growing more resilient with everything that gets thrown at us and the same can be said about our little radio station.

We're premiering a new musical/montage show on Monday. "Saffron Walls with Selector Shu" airs from 2-4pm! Check it out!

There's a snow storm of fresh, creative content coming soon to help us all coast through this dark winter. Radio dramas, stories, a choose-your-own-advernture game show perhaps?

Thanks for staying tuned and thanks for your patience as we build up our infrastructure! Your ongoing support is always appreciated.

Get cozy next to that radio.


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